Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First blog ever!

Well, here we are. Myspace has officially become a ghost town. Actually...if you have ever seen the movie Westworld that would be a much more accurate analogy. It is populated almost exclusively by robot hookers (anonymous friend collectors) , cheaters (friend blaster, anyone) , and killers (hackers). Throw in literally millions of shitty bands that make it exceedingly difficult for a decent band to get heard because everyone (including myself) is completely jaded to independent music because of the non-stop stream of crap and it's easy to see why we're branching out.

In an effort to expand our horizons we will be updating this blog from time to time. Those of you who have abandoned ship from Myspace can still track goings on in the world of QTV with this very blog. We're somewhat wordy, so don't count on a Twitter account any time soon. As for Facebook, just think of where Myspace was two years ago. Now fast forward to late 2010. Facebook, too, will go the way of the giant armadillo (sadly brought down by it's own hubris).

So, thanks for reading. Go rent Westworld, see District 9 asap, listen to SPV and be sure to come back soon, there is more to come.


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