Friday, August 21, 2009

You rock like crack-rock, but in a good way!

Hello there villainous-villains!

Dennis here, (That's me on the left) and also in the picture is our merch guy, "The Twilight Guy" as everybody calls him! I tell ya, a lot of people think he's gay, but when he's wearing our band shirt, he's 50% less gay immediately after he puts it on. I mean, c'mon - he's no more gay than this! Agreed?

Anyways, if you're reading this blog then you've made the jump and have found our truest, most intimate blogging space. Granted, it's new to us and to you too, but this is going to be where you get the detailed version of what's going on in QTV land, so CONGRATULATIONS!
I'm telling you, no feelings will be spared (of my band members) and the ultimate truths will be told! Are you getting the picture?

So, today is Friday, August 21, 2009 and we just had band practice last night. It was a good one because we've been finishing up our new song "Frontier Justice" and getting it show ready for next weekend. The following statement has never been revealed at any other public place until this one, right now. We've been working with a bassist the last 2 weeks and things are going really well, actually -better than we could have hoped for. The mystery bass player that we dug up is from the local beaches, Daytona Beach. No, he's not one of the pedophiles down by the boardwalk. He is a phenomenal guitar player and was one of the mastermind's of a sister band of ours, Malak. His name is Zack Nardone. Zack has taken the challenge head on of redirecting his finger fury from guitar to bass.

Oh, I thought I would never see or hear the day that QTV would have low end(bass for those that don't know what that means) live. Well my friends, 'tis a joyous sound that makes me want to get up and join these people... ...the footage has audio posted over it, but what you don't know is that the people being filmed were actually hearing QTV with bass live for the first time and could not contain themselves. Nice moves, but I feel bad for the guy that has to clean up all of the urine and feces left behind. Sounds like ringworm waiting to happen.

Our buddies from Dallas, Texas are coming to play next weekend's shows with us. MELORA, remember the name because they are thugs and will take yo shit! They'll be staying with me and we're going to probably hit up a beach since they don't have one near them like we do here. For those of you in Kansas that are reading this...THIS is what a beach looks like. Yeah, kinda makes you want to move out of the middle of a country at war with everyone because then you can be like, "Fuck it, I'm going to the beach."

We've got some other developments that have not been publicly acknowledged. The current time estimation for filming our music video for "Sock Puppet Vendetta" is targeted at beginning to mid September, which is soon. You villains are going to shit yourselves when you see this! **QTV suggests wearing a diaper at anytime handling QTV paraphernalia...just in case**

That's all I'm going to give you for now, more coming soon and often!

Typing one handed, Dennis

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