Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unexplained Phenomenon

Hello. Jason here. That's me on the left about half a second before we teleported. Our experiment succeeded, but we only moved four inches to the right.

Somehow, it seems the wrathful (and as yet unrecognized by any widely accepted religion) gods of metal have smiled upon us. QTV has been selected to appear on Mecha Organa Vol.2. It's a compilation put out by The Apparatus featuring 16 of the finest unsigned tech bands on the planet. If you click the flyer over there ---> it will take you to a free download. We promise, it's worth the three minutes it will take to download. 16 bands that represent the future of metal for free. We're literally going to explode from how awesome it is.

In other news, we're taking it easy on shows for September and October. We're trying to stick to a schedule of one per month. There are two primary reasons for this. One: we have a new bass player that has to be brought up to speed on the rest of the set. The next time we play live with Zack, it will be a full set. Two: we're trying to get a five song EP written, recorded, artistically rendered, and pressed by the end of the year. Two songs are written, one is recorded. We still have a lot of work to do. In September, we're playing in Lakeland with the mighty Unkempt. It's a benefit show to help finance an independant, metal only radio show. A worthy cause, no? In October we have something extra special lined up. On the 23rd we're playing a no cover show in the Orlando area. While we are playing, young ladies will be dancing on poles in various states of undress. Seriously. We're trying to put together the most tech lineup Orlando has seen in a while so we can see the looks on their faces when they attempt to dance to it.

: {] (angry mustachioed frenchman)

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