Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your ignorance has been observed.

Yep, that's me. And yep, behind me is The Grand Canyon. And yup, that's me falling down into it. A proven example of my luck. It's bad because I fell in, but it's also pretty damn good luck because I'm still in your face screaming and typing words for you to read. I'm one of the very few people to have survived this, I even got a free bookmark that says so.

Hello once again or for the first time! I'm glad to see you came back to our blog or I'm glad you chose to come check out our blog! (I like to cover both sides, you know. Tactical, precision wording. Nevermind.) So I hope everybody's been bad little Villains since last we spoke. Or should I say, if you weren't good, I hope that you were good at it! Let's start off this memoir by getting DOWN TO BUSINESS!!! YEAH!!!!!

We're officially at the point where we're awaiting a call concerning an official date of production for our music video for "Sock Puppet Vendetta"!!!! I can say with a certain amount of confidence that it will be in October (next month!) We're all very, very excited about this because let's face it, nobody ever expects to get to do a video or anything like that -it's usually just a hope or a "best-case scenario" type thing. Maybe the rest of the guys don't feel that way but I do. And knowing the details of it, just you wait until you see this thing in completion. I can't wait to make it, nonetheless see it! A few spoilers for the obsessed fans who can't wait to see it(Yes, we do receive your flowers and restraining order appeals.): Dennis, Jason, Alex, and Mike will all die their own deaths amongst crazy live shots only to rise and forever be damned to playing some of the fiercest technical, death metal you have ever heard! And yes, it is tied in to a sock puppet, but you have to read the lyrics and figure that one out for yourself. ;-) We will Blog the Official Start Production Date as soon as we find out! YAY!

We have a show in Lakeland, FL this Saturday (Sept. 26, 2009) at the Old School Compound Skatepark in downtown Lakeland! It's a benefit show to help keep Psycho Realms WMNF 88.5FM Tampa Metal on the radio and commercial free! It should be pretty fun screaming at kids on skateboards and such. I hope someone kisses concrete right in front of us and then they get completely swarmed in the mosh pit, disappearing forever! Want to make it even sweeter for me??? I hope the previous happens as we hit the peak of energy in one of our songs! Or maybe all that go can be at least as active as these pussies!!!! Yeah, I'll settle for that!

We have replenished our sticker stock, so please just come talk to us and visit the merch station and we'll make sure you get hooked up with those! We'll even give you 2 if you reference this blog, that way you can have one and then you can stick the other one somewhere you're not supposed to.

I officially think that Koala's should be outlawed and taken out of the wild completely. They look way to nice and gentle to be such vicious beasts. Approx. 58 people a year are attacked(globally) and most have suffered deep gashes at the minimum. And then comes the disease...everybody know koala's carry disease and are related to the rodent family. Cousin's to opossums and brother to the rat, I aim to eradicate the most dangerous threat to mankind. Goddamn koala's.

We did not win the Bingo game the other night at Alex's Cougar's house. Unfortunately. I'm still claiming that old bitch scammed me.

I served a table today at work and the lady I was serving said her son was Autistic. So I said that I like to draw and that I'd like to see some of the paintings he's done. She was not happy with me. I almost got fired, but then I caught up with her before she reached management and gave her a tour of my trunk. That was a nerve-racking drive home! And that's what I get for not wearing earplugs at practice.

From Dennis with love,

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