Sunday, November 8, 2009

Space Only 2024

I'm just doing some early polling...who would vote for a presidential candidate running on a space only platform in 2024? Preliminary surveys amongst members of QTV suggest a landslide victory.

So it's been over a month since our last update. In our defense, time is flying by at an incredible rate. Also, we have a lot going on. It seems like we finish a new song every time we post. "Choking a Sloth" is officially done and was well received at our last show. We now submit "If It Weren't For Those Damn Yanks..." as our next masterpiece in the making.

The video for SPV is taking shape. We had an official pre-production meeting last night on the sound stage. If you can tell what the hell is going on in these photos I applaud you. It's almost better that they came out like this so the surprise isn't ruined. Mike is not only a blast beat machine, but apparently he's also an abstract photographer. There is no hyperbole at play here when I say that this may be one of the most brutal, bizarre, hilarious, and well produced music videos ever. We should have it posted all over the internet by the end of the month.

So here's the near future timeline for QTV:
-Nov 16th and 17th - Shoot SPV video
-Late Nov - Await edit of SPV video. Finish writing songs four and five for EP.
-Dec - Release and distribute SPV video. Record our new EP, Regicide.
-Jan - Release and distribute Regicide. Overhaul internet presence. Book shows with a new intensity. Unveil new shirt designs, etc...

So, we have a lot to do between now and the end of the year and a lot to be excited about. Back to work!


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