Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And then it happened...

WE RELEASED THE SOCK PUPPET MUSIC VIDEO!!!! The release came quicker than expected, much like most of our sex lives. However, it was a good kind of quick,- like when you sober up in the middle of banging a Blonde Black tranny but you already paid the pimp when you were wasted and she's really proud of her work, so there's NO WAY you can just quit and get out of there. You just have to be quick about it and everybody else wins. Bah. Eddie understands me.

Have you ever seen a pic of Alex and just said, "What the Fuck?"

So we are completely grateful and pumped that the views of our video are coming along nicely! The video has gotten around 700 views in 48 hours! For us that is a great accomplishment. It does not come without a price, as we have all been putting in a bunch of extra time into getting it out to the people. We are proud of it and we hope that everybody enjoys it safely in the comfort of their own bathroom. This way there are no messes upon loss of bowel control AND function.

In the previous blog, Jason had written that the newest completed song(#4 out of 5) was to be titled "If it wasn't for those Damn Yanks..." This would be incorrect as the lyrics did not fit the topic we were going for. It was supposed to be revolved around Captain Jack Churchill but the lyrics came out from the view point of a completely war crazed individual that not only excels in the battlefield, but is married to war. So, officially the song shall be named F.U.B.A.R.B.Q.
Uh-huh, that's right.

The 5th and final song of our EP has broken ground on the writing, but we still have some work to do before we can call it done. We hope to be recording in December. Of course the sooner we can record the better, HOWEVER; we will NOT sacrifice the quality of the song in order to "crank it out faster". We would not short change you, Villains. Oh no, not a snowballs chance in hell. We do it all for you.

In other news, Mike and myself are driving up to Raleigh, North Carolina on this Sunday to go see Vital Remains performing live! Our good buddy Eddy Hoffman from Cancer Whore has been the touring drummer of theirs this current tour. He's doing a great job and we are excited to see him. Pictures next blog I write fer sure!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, we will post more very soon to keep you updated!!!
Gobble Gobble bitches!

Sleep tight,

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