Friday, September 11, 2009

So, a priest and a butcher walk into a bar...

Hello there Villainous Villains! Dennis and Mike here doing QTV's first ever DUO BLOG! The picture above is a little glimpse into last year's Halloween costumes. It was drunken madness! Anyways, we wanted to clear the air for anybody wondering where Zack's name disappeared to. Well friends, sadly, Zack had to resign from the band due to personal issues. We are sad, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and we support him in his endeavors. This does not slow our progress down at all, as of this very minute we have 1 min. of a new song written. Sock Puppet Vendetta was brutal, Frontier Justice was intense, and the new song...'Choking a Sloth' not finished yet! HA HA! But we can say that it is technical and keeps that brutal aspect right in your face! We'll see, but we think you'll like it! Once this song is written, we'll be more than half way done writing the new EP! We're getting things done!

Mike says, "Butter your pasta so it doesn't stick to the pan, BAM!- and it will give it more flavor!" Trust me folks, this guy knows his butter. Now, gather around and we're going to tell you a story...

The Legend of Cougar Bait. Some of you may be aware that Mike, Jason, and myself have been known to call Alex "Cougar Bait." There is a reason. Our dear friend Alex cannot go into a bar where a cougar is located and come out without being pawed at or licked, sometimes even scratched. One instance, we had a show in Jensen Beach and it was definitely one for the books! Other than there being a brawl, Cougar Bait was being himself just like any other night, and lo and behold, the cougar shows herself. This one, was around him the whole night at the bar, at the merch table, it was incredible. We could have had a place to stay, but Alex didn't want to give the cougar the chance to sink her teeth into him while he was sleeping. He needs to suck it up so for one night so that the rest can sleep comfortably while he takes one for the team. Next tour, it's gonna happen, rest assured. We don't know how he does it, but he is quite the guy I will say. It's inspiring to sit back and watch as these cougars pounce on him. Another night, we played a show with the legendary Malevolent Creation, and again, Alex is at the bar, and there she is... he's hanging out and she bought not one or two drinks, but ALL his drinks. I'm pretty sure she cupped his balls in public, though he denies it. Next time you see him at our shows, just ask him about the cougar whose house he ran away from early one January morning.

We're hungry, so we're going to go get some food. Come to our shows and buy our merch so that we can buy food that doesn't come on a dollar(value) menu. Please. We will post again soon, so stay tuned!!!

Keeping it brutal,

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