Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011...a new frontier...justice!!!

HEEEELLLLOOOOOO! My, my, my how we have missed you! We apologize for the gap of communication and the lack of updates! We have been terribly busy since returning home from tour! A lot of people have been asking us questions lately like, "When are you guys gonna play a show again?" "Since when did you guys have a bassist?" "Why are you drunk at 8:30 in the morning, smelling of deer urine and why are you in my backyard?" Well, a lot of the work we've been doing is behind-the-scenes so it's no surprise that a lot of people don't know what's been going on. After we got back from tour and we got to sleep in our own beds, we noticed the "damn it's good to be home" feeling abruptly changed into the "damn I wish we were leaving for tour" feeling. It's not because we want to leave our friends and families, but rather because tour is all the hard work paying off. It's a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and it's also ridiculously fun! I've never experienced anything like it and if it was available at the drop of a phone call, I'd be an addict. An addict that does sexual favors for the next trip. Well, it's time to get you caught up...just as much as it's time to have a shot of whiskey and listen to Journey with no pants on! (if you do while you read this blog, it makes the entire experience 64% better.)

First things first, we've added a new edition to our band that will add more balls(both literally and musically). Fakin' the funk and bringin' in the bass is Miles Roberts!! He's a talented musician and he brings the pretty into our band. We needed an attractive face in order to offset the ugliness cast out by the rest of us. He's the equivalent of Sammy Davis Jr. in The Rat Pack, definitely the most handsome and in a tie for the most drunk. Here's a little known fact, Miles was once offered the opportunity to join (what later became an incredibly successful) boy band, but his agent turned it down on the grounds that he was so much sexier than the other members that he single-handedly gave every woman in the audience a migraine that lasted for 2.5 weeks. Now imagine if they had 4 more of him, it'd be the most sexy musical act ever! Too bad there's only one of him, and we got him! Yes folks, this guy is dashing. He can move his fingers so rapidly that there's an underground phenomena occurring in women's underwear that Miles is calling his "Colin Farrell Technique." It's a sensation to say the least. We're lucky to have him and we expect top-notch choreography from him in the near future.

Some of the first things we set out to do upon returning home from the Velocirap-Tour 2010 were to continue expanding our web-footprint and to generate reviews for our EP Regicide. Over the last several months, we've been featured for review by blogs, websites, and in some cases- Regicide was featured for free download. Not all of them have been good, most are flattering, but all in all we just want to get our name out there. Whether they're good or bad, we push forward at the same speed in the same direction as we always have. A couple of them are pretty harsh, but since this is our blog and it's on a more personal level, I'll tell you this one thing in our defense. Most of them aren't even fans of the type of music we play, which sets us up for a bad review. I mean c'mon, "Deathcore?" Please. You wish we were deathcore, that way we wouldn't play so fast and you could actually count the time signatures. HA! On a small scale though, it just feels great when they do get our genre correct -haha! We've posted the reviews up on our Facebook and MySpace pages, but in case you haven't seen them, here's a list of the review and download sites:

-Zero Tolerance

There's always more coming in and you can find more reviews online.

We recently got our first professional promo shots taken and we unleashed them upon the web. That's right, QTV is now in full-blown, still-frame high definition!! Scary, huh? They were taken by the same anomoly of a man that produced our music video for Sock Puppet Vendetta. Drew Garraway, he's kinda like our uncle. You know, the uncle that wore sweat pants everytime you came over and made you sit in his sweaty lap while he distracted you with Looney Tunes. Yup, that's him. We love him. It was a lot of fun getting promos taken, but it's so awkward to stand in front of a camera and come up with different poses. You also learn your immature threshold- the moment you realize that you're still just a little kid inside. It's incredibly difficult to keep a straight face when it's your turn to get your individual picture taken and everyone else is off camera making funny noises. Picture this, you're standing there with bright lights all in your face and the photographer tells you to make a serious face. Now as you're already trying not to squint, you hear an onslaught of fart noises and the sound of what can only be a yak during mating season. Yeah right, keep a straight face...torture. It's like trying to look pissed off while riding a unicycle. You can't.

We have been discussing plans with a web designer to have a fully functioning website. We'll still have the Facebook and MySpace pages, but it will be the only place to find everything you need to know about us and it will feature the most up-to-date information. It's gonna be really bad ass, the hardest part is going to be getting regular traffic on it after it's launched. We're confident though, that 6 months after it's launch date, will be a regular visit for all QTV fans. It will pretty much condense all of the QTV content from all over the web into one website. We cannot wait, we are excited about this! Plus, I'm making it my mission to be sponsored by a bunch of different porn sites, that way all you chronic masterbaters out there can get your QTV fix and then go HANDle business, it'll only be a click away! Haha! Hey, don't judge might work.

We've taken some time away from local shows as of late because we've been in writing mode. It's a long process and we're only in the beginning of it right now. We won't sacrifice final product by a rushed attitude. I can say that we're expanding our musical theory but still mixing it with the same raw, technical brutality that we've always played. I realize that doesn't give you an idea of what the new stuff sounds like, but it will have to do for now. I can't really explain it, I'm actually still trying to understand it myself. The strict timing is definitely present and it's more chaos than ever, but there's a new tangibility involved that I believe will allow all fans to enjoy it. For you spastic, technical fans -you'll enjoy the methodical playing and song writing. For those of you that enjoy metal and/or like to see us live- you'll find a rhythm now as opposed to some of our older stuff that just made you feel disoriented. And of course there will be a brutality in all of it that makes you feel like your instincts from the age of the cave man are ever present. See a chick you like, smash her on the head with a giant stick, and then drag her back to your cave and make her your wife. Yeah, brutal like that. For the entire duration of our live show existence, we've been warning you to wear diapers at our shows cause you will pee yourself from the spectacle that ensues. Well, later this year when we start playing this new stuff live, that warning is even more true than in the past. You will soil yourself if you have not properly planned and we're NOT paying for your drycleaning.

We do have a show coming up on February 24, 2011 at The Haven in Winter Park, FL. It will be the first show with our new bassist! Also, it will be a FREE show for anyone 21+ and only $5 for anyone 18-20. It marks the return of the free shows we used to host at Liquid Scrips. It's a Thursday, so we hope we can get a great turnout, that way The Haven will let us keep hosting FREE shows there and hopefully on a Friday or Saturday night next time. You want to come to this show! In other news, we've been officially released internationally!!! We notice from the Europe-based magazine Zero Tolerance that we will be reviewed in the February-March edition of their magazine! It was released on January 26th and this magazine is distributed in a bunch of different countries, not to mention that it's sold in stores like Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, etc. Also, we got our spot on the compilation cd that comes with purchase of the magazine! That's right, Frontier Justice will be the song on the compilation! It's the song we felt would be best to put on the cd, as voted in majority by the band. We're excited and I can't wait to see it! Also, we recently learned that has placed Quarter The Villain on the list of TOP 10 Tech Grind Metal Bands in the WORLD!!!! Actually we were ranked at number 4!!! That is quite awesome and we were all pretty stoked when we found out. Who would've thought that me answering an ad on Craigslist at 3am would lead to these accomplishments? Not me, but damn am I glad I called that guy!!!

There's more to come and we definitely hope you come again and again and again and again....

What's this in my pants? Oh it's me thinking about all of you!

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