Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New reviews and pelvic thrusts!

Well, I know I just did a blog last week, but when there's news...there's news! I have new news! We are very happy to announce that we received 2 reviews today! Both were great reviews and one is a website that is known widely in the metal community....Metalsucks.net!!! (if you go to the Metalsucks review, you can leave a comment on the review page and let everyone know how you feel about the review!!!) We're very excited about these reviews and we hope you go to these links to check them out! There are all types of new comparisons and awesome descriptions of what we do!!


-Heavy Metal Review

Also, I have a new update for the website situation! The website is indeed in the works and we are very happy to have the project underway. The news would be that very soon we will have a custom MySpace unveiled to hold us over until the launching of our real website! I have seen the rough draft and it's already made my penis jump up and say hi! I will let you know as soon as the new layout is complete.

WE HAVE STICKERS AGAIN! If you're coming to the Free show on Feb 24 be sure to snag one of our stickers, they're completely FREE as well!

I also want to take this moment to announce to all you technical/grind fans that we'll be playing a show on March 26th with the Singapore-based band Wormrot! It's gonna be a nasty awesome show and we're looking forward to it. If you live in Central FL or if you're planning on going to that show, be sure to but your tickets in advance from us! We're selling presales for $8 while the door is charging $10, so do yourself(and us) a favor and get your tickets through us! Also on the show are Tombs and Putrescent Secretancy. Technical, brutal, and absolutely charged with energy, don't miss this show!!!

Now I command you to go get a special massage from a special person and don't let them leave without your happy ending.

Massaging myself,
Love Dennis

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